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The home page is the main page for Busipro, It has the main tabs on it as shown below, It also has the search bars and the default product selection on it.

The company tab is the first tab on the home page. At the top left you can see the page displayed at the same level as the company code and order number search bars. On the same level, furthest to the right, there is a 'Default Product' button that allows you to select your default product and there may be an edit page button depending on your admin level (highlighted in green below).

Below this you can see the different tabs (highlighted in yellow below), and under these a number of buttons, the ones on the left are for manipulating how you see the list (highlighted in purple/blue below), you can choose how many items are displayed per page (20, 50 or 100) and you can jump to either end of the list if you are in the middle, otherwise the arrows will take you 1 page in either direction.

To the right of these buttons there is a search bar, here you can search for companies by either their company code or their company name.

Farthest to the right there is a drop down box allowing you to sort by company type and an analyse companies button which allows you to see details about how many companies fall into certain companies.

There is also an add item button. This is used to add a new company to the list.

 Below the tabs in the main section of the page you can see a list of all of the companies on the database. Each item on the list will have a company code, company name, company type and the number of orders that company has. It may also have a country and a website address but these are not compulsory.

To go 'into' a company you need to click on the company code, this will take you to the Company Page.

You can also click on the Country to get information about that countries vat reg number or telephone prefix, it also shows a list of companies assigned to that country, there is more about that on the Country Page.

To the right of the country you may see a web address if the company has one assigned to it, you can click this to be taken to the site.

Finally, furthest to the right you can see delete and edit buttons:   (if you're a high enough admin level), click these to delete or edit the company respectively.