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TitleIssue Bookings
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To create issue bookings for adverts click on the order line for the order, then click on the  button on the right hand side of the page. This will bring up a new window called NEW Issue Booking: 

Here you can assign the page number of the add if you know it (this can be changed later so leave at 0 if you don't know yet), You can then pick the issue from the drop down, If the add has a special position then you can make a note of that in the special position input box, you can define the expected deadline of the material for the add and finally you can select if it is in part of a special section of the publication.

Click  button to save your changes.

If you click on the reference number that the system assigned to the issue booking it will take you into the issue booking page. Here you can edit the details you already put in and also create a booking entry, to do this click on the  button this will open a new window where you can add a title, sub title and select a demographic by clicking the  button, you can also add a web link URL (this must contain the http or https), an image URL that you can select by clicking the  button (if your image isn't in the database yet click the upload button and then click it again at the top of the window that opens, this will open your files, navigate to your image and select it and then click 'open', this will save it to the database). Click on the image and click the 'select' button at the bottom of the page. Finally you can input an enquiry telephone number. Click  button to save your changes. 

To edit the booking entry further click on the service id, this will open up a new section on the right side of the page, here you can write in copy details and the copy status, select if it's a repeat, select which issue to repeat from, comment on the material, add a contact for the material, add additional notes, add a Reader Service Recipient and finally edit the details you put in when you created it. This will be saved automatically but only when you click OFF of the input field, for example if I edited the web link URL I would then click on the white space to the left of the screen, this will then be saved and I can close the page. 

To create a booking entry faster click the  button, this will open up he details section on the right and you can input all of the details from there directly, for them to save you MUST click OFF of the input fields. You can then close the page or go to a new page.