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Object Part Number

Each UDB Object is made up of different parts.
These parts are referred to in certain command parameters by their number.

Part No. Name OBJ_DATA INPUT OBJ_UPDATE Description
0 Object ID The ID Number of the Object
1 Character Data 1
2 Character Data 2
3 Text Data
4 Friendly Name
5 Object Value 1
6 Object Value 2
7 Parent ID
8 Parent Level
9 Object Type (0-7)
10 Object Access
11 Access ID
12 Date/Time
13 Domains
14 User ID
15 Parent ID A
16 Created User ID
17 Created Date/Time
18 Child ID X
19 Child ID Y
-1 Data type of Part 1
-2 Data type of Part 2
-3 Data type of Part 3
-4 Item Symbol
-5 Item Color
-6 Currency Code
-7 Exchange Rate
-9 Complete Object Type
-10 Language Code

As well as the various additions to adjust the output of the data.

When referring to part -6 (Currency Code) in the OBJ_DATA command, you can add additional XML element names to return:-

obj_cur_code Currency Code
obj_ex_rate Object Exchange Rate
name Currency Name
sh_name Currency Short Name
symbol Currency Symbol
ex_rate Currency Exchange Rate