Progress Educational Trust
As someone who was involved in running websites for 10 years before I started using the Ultimate Database, I can say with confidence that it's the most elegant, flexible and robust database and content management system I've ever used. Our charity came to Ultimate Database with a very complex set of  requirements, which involved setting up two distinct but related websites containing a wealth of intricate text and image content. Before we could move forward, several thousand articles needed to be imported from a legacy system and incorporated seamlessly into these websites. Once the websites were in place, content needed to be submitted remotely by volunteer contributors, before being approved and worked on by a team of editors and then made visible to the public, all using a hierarchy of permissions. A weekly email newsletter is generated from the website content and sent - in various forms ranging from plain text to full HTML, depending on user preferences - to thousands of subscribers worldwide.

Every single aspect of this process is handled by the Ultimate Database, which is also exploited for additional purposes such as hosting questionnaires and analysing questionnaire responses. As its name suggests, the Ultimate Database is the last word in tools with which to build and manage websites.

Sandy Starr
Communications Officer, Progress Educational Trust

I have worked for two businesses as the IT Manager over a 12-year period and both companies suffered from the same problem when I joined them, namely old out-of-date systems. These companies required a modern system, with a new sense of IT direction and, above all else, new processes that worked for the company as well as the employees who would be using them. In both cases, we approached numerous companies to bring fresh ideas to the table. We looked for a company that would be willing to work with us, not just to get the system up and running, but also a company that we could rely on to ensure that any changes to our business could also be reflected moving forward. In both instances, we decided to go with Ultimate Database Ltd, as not only were they very reasonably priced, but also their business approach was compatible with what we were looking for. In both instances, Ultimate Database Ltd has delivered fully functional and workable systems that have constantly evolved as our system processes have. They have always been more than happy to work with us and they understand that maybe what we decided upon at the start of the project has changed somewhat towards the end. It is good to be able to work with a company that is able to adapt their systems to accommodate our requirements.

I believe it's very hard to find a company which you can trust completely, a company that will work with you and understand your business, a company that will do what it says, when it says it will and a company that is always on hand to take a call. We have been fortunate in finding Ultimate Database Ltd.

David Heath
IT Manager, Hoopers International Probate Research