Temporary Report Marker for Records

There may be occasions when you would like to put a temporarily marker onto the company records that matched a selection, and then use the marker in another selection.

An example of when this facility might be useful is when you would like to pick out all the companies that exhibited/advertised in either the 2011 or 2012 exhibition/issue, but have not yet booked for the 2013 exhibition/issue. This facility is called "quick sort" and is available when using BusiRep.


Marking the first selection

Using BusiRep, make the selection for the first part, which in this example is the companies that were involved in 2011 or 2012, and build the report. (In this example the two events are called MYEX and EX2.)

In the in the bottom right had corner, instead of sending the output to Excel or to screen, choose the option to 'Quick Sort Update' - or 'mark the records' .

To the right another box will immediately appear, inviting you to put in the marker you would like to use. This is text and you can enter up to ten characters. Press the button and the records will be marked. Your screen might look a little like this one:




It is very important to remember that this is not a permanent mark, so if another user decides to set up a Quick Sort mailing, his or her mark will overwrite yours.


Using the Quick Sort Marker in another Selection

Set up the next selection that you want to use. In this example it is companies which have not booked the 2013 event. The method of telling the program that you want to use the 'Quick Sort' marker you set up, is to tick the 'company details' box under the 'Selection Criteria On' section:


and this takes you to the next screen, where you type in the exact text that was used for the marker. Do note that the text for the marker has to be exactly the text that you used, not an approximation.




Now build the list and output it in the normal way, and you have used both the original marker that you made, and the second selection.

The marker will sit on the company record until such time as it is overwritten by another marker.


To see a Marker on a Company Record

If you wish to see the marker on a particular record, go to the company record (Marketing Database > Companies > then search).

Once you have the company on screen, click the fourth tab called 'details' and you will see the 'Quick Sort' marker box: