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BusiPro Documentation (Topics)

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Title Description Type
Exhibition Organiser (Booking a Stand) Describes process for booking a stand on to an exhibition
Home Page Describes the Home Page Menu Item
Home_Page Navigation Describes the Home Page Navigation Tab Page Tab
Lists Describes the layout of a standard List
Publisher (Booking an advert or article) Describes the process for booking an entry in to a publication Issue
Report Manager How to use the Report Manager
System Layout Overview Provides an overview of the system layout and operation
Analyse Button Describes how to use the Record Analysis Feature
Home_Page Addresses Describes the Home Page Addresses Tab Page Tab
Home_Page Articles Describes the Home Page Articles Tab Page Tab
Home_Page Companies Describes the Companies Tab on the Home page Page Tab
Home_Page Contacts Describes the Home Page Contacts Tab Page Tab
Home_Page Items Describes the Home Page Items Tab Page Tab
Home_Page Order Lines Describes the Home Page Order Lines Tab Page Tab
Home_Page Orders Describes the Home Page Orders Tab Page Tab
Home_Page Reps Describes the Home Page Reps Tab Page Tab
Orders Describes the Orders Page Menu Item
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Help Page Topics
Accounting Period Record Accounts, Maintenance
Accounting Year Record Accounts, Maintenance
Accounting Years Accounts, Maintenance
Agreement Record Companies, Orders
Analyse Button Overview
Booking Entry Record Orders, Publishing
Communication Record Communications
Communication Types Communications, Maintenance
Company Address Record Addresses, Companies
Company Communications Communications, Companies
Company Contacts Companies, Contacts
Company Demographics Companies, Demographics
Company Details Companies
Company Info Companies
Company Name Record Companies
Company Names Companies
Company Orders Companies, Orders
Company_Orders Agreements Companies, Orders
Company_Orders General Companies, Orders
Company_Orders Publication Companies, Orders, Publishing
Company Record Companies
Company Record (Account Enquiry View) Accounts, Companies
Company Rep Links Companies, Reps
Company Report Companies, Reporting
Company Scanned Documents Companies, Documents
Company Transactions Accounts, Companies
Company Type Record Companies, Maintenance
Company Types Companies, Maintenance
Contact Communications Communications, Contacts
Contact Demographics Contacts, Demographics
Contact Documents Contacts, Documents
Contact Record Contacts
Cost Code Record Accounts
Cost Codes Accounts
Countries Maintenance
Country Companies Companies, Maintenance
Country Record Maintenance
Country VAT Codes Accounts, Maintenance
Demographic Article Entries Demographics, Publishing
Demographic Categories Demographics, Maintenance
Demographic Category Record Demographics, Maintenance
Demographic Companies Demographics
Demographic Contacts Demographics
Demographic Link Record Companies, Contacts, Demographics
Demographic Record Demographics, Maintenance
Discount Record Maintenance, Orders
Discounts & Adjustments Maintenance, Orders
Document Record Contacts, Documents, Orders