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Help PageExhibition Organiser (Booking a Stand)
TopicsOverview, Exhibitions

Exhibition organiser features enable faster stand booking process.

From the Order Record page above, you can click the Stand button on the right, above the Order Line List.

You can then enter a stand and check it's status, let's try stand A24.

As you can see that stand is not available, let's try another.

That one is available. So now click the USE button and it will add it to the order.

And you can complete the order there. Simply click the Order number link to go back to the order page.

Alternatively, we could decide to create a new Stand instead of using an exist one. Click the Stand button.

And enter A1 as the stand, and check it

As you can see it doesn't exist, and gives the option to create it. Let's click Create.

I've entered a 10 x 10 square stand, with one side open. NOTE: You can further adjust this stand later if necessary from the stand screen.

And above we can see the stand Order Line Record. From here we can click on the stand Item and modify it further.

As you can see above, we can modify many elements of the Stand, let's add an additional 1x1 area to the stand.

So here you see the costs have updated for the stand, including in the order line items at the bottom of the page.

Click on the Line number in that list, to take you back to the Order Line.

You can then click the refresh button as shown above to update the total cost.