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Topic: Maintenance

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Title Description Type
Item Type Record Describes the Item Type Record Page Tertiary Record
Order States Describes the Order States Page Menu Item
Product Groups Describes the Product Groups Page Menu Item
Products Describes the Products Page Menu Item
Towns Describes the Towns Page Menu Item
User Signatures Describes the User Signatures Page Menu Item
Accounting Period Record Describes the Accounting Period Record Tertiary Record
Accounting Year Record Describes the Accounting Year Record Tertiary Record
Accounting Years Describes the Accounting Years Page Menu Item
Communication Types Describes the Communication Types Maintenance Page Menu Item
Company Type Record Describes the Company Type Record Page Tertiary Record
Company Types Describes the Company Types Page Menu Item
Countries Describes the Countries Maintenance Page Menu Item
Country Companies Describes the Country Companies Tab Page Tab
Country Record Describes the Country Record Page Secondary Record
Country VAT Codes Describes the Country VAT Codes Tab Page Tab
Demographic Categories Describes the Demographic Categories Maintenance Page Menu Item
Demographic Category Record Describes the Demographic Category Record Secondary Record
Demographic Record Describes the Demographic Record Secondary Record
Discount Record Describes the Discount Record Page Tertiary Record