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Topic: Accounts

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Title Description Type
Product Payment Schedules Describes the Product Payment Schedules Tab Page Tab
Transaction Line Record Describes the Transaction Line Record Secondary Record
Accounting Period Record Describes the Accounting Period Record Tertiary Record
Accounting Year Record Describes the Accounting Year Record Tertiary Record
Accounting Years Describes the Accounting Years Page Menu Item
Company Record (Account Enquiry View) Describes the Account Enquiry View Primary Record
Company Transactions Description of Company Transactions Tab Page Tab
Cost Code Record Describes the Cost Code Record Tertiary Record
Cost Codes Describes the Cost Codes Page Menu Item
Country VAT Codes Describes the Country VAT Codes Tab Page Tab
Invoice Run Describes the Invoice Run Page Menu Item
Invoice Run Record Descries the Invoice Run Record page Tertiary Record
Invoice Runs Describes the Invoice Runs Page Menu Item
Nominal Code Record Describes the Nominal Code Record Secondary Record
Nominal Codes Describes the Nominal Codes Page Menu Item
Nominal Stock Items Describes the Nominal Code Stock Items Tab Page Tab
Nominal Transaction Lines Describes the Nominal Code Transaction Lines Tab Page Tab
Order Payment Terms Describes the Order Payment Terms Tab Page Tab
Order Transactions Describes the Order Transactions Tab Page Tab
Payment Methods Describes the Payment Methods Page Menu Item