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Help PageInvoice Run Record
TypeTertiary Record
TopicsAccounts, Orders

The Invoice Run Record Page displays a list of all invoices generated on that run.

The Box in the top left displays the Invoice Run Record ID, the user that generated it, and the Date/Time of creation.

Below this is a List which displays the invoices produced in that run. Information displayed includes Transaction Code, Transaction Date, Type, Product, Company, Contact, Email, Order code, and Value.

In the top right corner, there will be one of two button layouts.
Either  or .

The button layout will depend on the whether the Invoice run, and its invoices, have been locked or not.

You can't send an Invoice or Credit to Print or PDF if the run hasn't been locked.

Once you are happy with the generated transactions, hit the lock all button. You can then use the second button layout to email or print the Invoices and Credit notes.