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Topic: Orders

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Title Description Type
Issue Booking Record Describes the Issue Bookings Record Page Secondary Record
Item Record Describes the Items Record Page Secondary Record
Order Record Describes the Order Record Page Primary Record
Agreement Record Describes the Company Agreement Record Tertiary Record
Booking Entry Record Describes the Booking Entry Record Tertiary Record
Company Orders Description of Company Orders Tab Page Tab
Company_Orders Agreements Describes the Company Orders Agreements Tab Page Tab
Company_Orders General Describes the Company Orders General Tab Page Tab
Company_Orders Publication Describes the Company Orders Publication Tab Page Tab
Discount Record Describes the Discount Record Page Tertiary Record
Discounts & Adjustments Describes the Discounts & Adjustments Page Menu Item
Document Record Describes the Document Record Screen Tertiary Record
Home_Page Articles Describes the Home Page Articles Tab Page Tab
Home_Page Order Lines Describes the Home Page Order Lines Tab Page Tab
Home_Page Orders Describes the Home Page Orders Tab Page Tab
Invoice Run Record Descries the Invoice Run Record page Tertiary Record
Item Orders Describes the Item Orders Tab Page Tab
Order Communications Describes the Order Communications Tab Page Tab
Order Companies Describes the Order Companies Tab Page Tab
Order Discounts Describes the order discount structure