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TitleOrder Page
TopicsCompanies, Orders,

On the order page you can add a main contact, change the date, change the state, the state date, the sub state, the Corp discount, the discount frequency and the language.

At the bottom of the page there are 8 tabs:

Order Lines: 

To add an order line click on the  button and select an item. To find out how to add a new item check the Item and Item Page pages.


On the companies tab you can assign multiple companies to one transaction, to add a new company to the transaction click the  button. In the new window select the company and the role, you can also assign an invoice percentage and give a customer reference. Click the  button to save the changes.

Payment Terms:

The payment terms tab holds the schedule of the payments and cancellations. You can also leave order notes, payment terms, and set invoice suppression.

Rep Links:

You can add a rep link by clicking the  button, to see how to add reps to the database see reps. On the new order rep window you can add a comment, select a rep and give them a commission percentage and commission allocation. You can edit a rep link by clicking the  button.

Issue Bookings:


You can add a new transaction by clicking the  button, in this window you can select a currency, transaction type, product (to add new products see products). After this you can add a year, period and payment method. You can add related companies and some references and a due date.


Documents can be added by going to maintenance > document templates and clicking on the  button on the left under Templates. You can give it a title and template type. The page header can be selected (to add a new page header click on the other side under blocks. You can then write the content of the document and add a page footer. Click the check box to include a signature if you want. You can then assign the document to a product by clicking the  button and you can select what users are authorised to see it. Underneath this you can select what language it is in. 

When you click the  button the document will be added to any company documents or order documents that are to do with that product.


To add a communication click on the  button, from the new window you can select a communication type and write your message, at the bottom you can also select a product, company and an order. Click  to save your changes.