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Help PageIssue Record
TypePrimary Record
TopicsProducts, Publishing
See AlsoIssue Booking Record, Product Record

The Issue Record Page is used to view information on a particular Issue, as-well as managing Sections and Orders for this issue.

Information about the Issue is presented in the top left section. Here you can see the Issue Code, Name, Product, Copy Date, Cover Date, and whether it is Active or Ready to Invoice.

In the top right the Issues Sections are available in a List. You can use the Section Code as a link to view further information on that Section.

In the bottom half of the page there is a List of all Order Records that are in that Issue.

This List displays useful information on the Orders for this Issue, displaying Order Code, Order Line Record Code, Issue Booking Record Reference number, Page, Section, Company, Item, Booking Entry Code and company, and Value.