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Help PageOrder Line Record
TypePrimary Record
See AlsoOrder Record, Issue Booking Record, Discount Record

The Order Line Record Page is split into four sections (the fourth only being visible if a line is being charged by publication issues). The top left section displays information on the chosen order, information displayed includes the Order Number, Company, Item and a Description.

The top right section holds information on the line type, line state and the invoice method, all these can also be amended (depending on the progression of the order).

The bottom left section presents the value of the order line and quantity. Both can be amended here, as-well as the VAT code being visible and open to change. The total adjustments can also be viewed in this box. The total adjustment value is displayed, however you can click on the dropdown option to see a breakdown of the adjustments and different Order Discount Types

The bottom right section is only visible if the order line is charged by a publication issue. It displays a List of Issue Booking records. The reference number, issue, date, page, section, and whether it is ready to be invoiced or not is all displayed. From this section issue bookings can be amended or new issue bookings made.

You can also make a new communication from the order line record page. This is made possible through the order communication icon - in the top left section.

This is also a useful page to navigate to information related to that order line record e.g the Order Record page and Company Record page.