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Help PageTransaction Record
TypePrimary Record
See AlsoOrder Record, Transaction Line Record, Company Record, Transaction Type Record

The Transaction Record page displays information on a particular transaction. 

The top half of the page is divided into sections. The top left displays further information for the selected transaction e.g. the Code, Transaction Date, Year Period, Transaction Type, Payment method, Due Date. As-well as important information on the Company such as the Product, Company name, Contact and Order information. The top right of the page displays the value of the goods, and VAT, as-well as funds and total balance. This is presented in both base currency and secondary currency (If applicable). In this section on the right their is also a payment icon to record the payment as being made against the transaction.

The bottom half of the page shows a List of Transaction Lines for items from the selected transaction. This list displays the Item Code, Description, Cost Code, Nominal Code, Quantity, Goods Value, Vat Value and Total Value.