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The Home page is the the first page that is presented to you when you access BusiPro and give you easy access to the main sections that you will be using.

Navigating to the Home Page

This page can be navigated to by clicking on the Home option on the main navigation menu at the very top of BusiPro.

Items Displayed on the Home Page

Below are the sections that are accessible to you when you are on the Home Page.

Search Bar

The search bar show you the current page you are on, as an example 'Home' for the Home Page. Located in the centre of the bar are the search boxes that allow you to directly search for the following:

Company Code
Order Number
Invoice Number
Transaction Code

Outstanding Communication Reminders

This area may well be empty when you read this but if you did have any outstanding communication reminders, which are past due, then they will be displayed here in a big read button so you can't miss them.


Companies Tab

This Companies tab displays basic information for all Companies that have been added to BusiPro.

Across the top of this tab, and to the right of the page numbering, you should be able to see a number of options that allow you to filter the data of the company records below.

Here are the options

A search box that allows you to filter the company records by either the company name or company code.
A option that allows you to filter by selecting a company type from a dropdown list.
A button that shows either All the company records or just the Rep Link ones.
An Analyse Companies button that displays via an overlay window the companies by relationship type when clicked.
A add new company button that allows you to add a new company to BusiPro.

The Companies Records Explained

To view a Company in more detail you can click on the Company code, this will take you to the Company Page.

You can also click on the Country to get information about that countries VAT reg number or telephone prefix, it also shows a list of companies assigned to that country, there is more about that on the Country Page.

To the right of the country you may see a web address if the company has one assigned to it, you can click this to be taken to the site.

Finally, furthest to the right you can see an account enquiry button and a edit button. Clicking these button will either take you to the company accounts page or allow you to edit the company.