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Help PageContact Record
TypePrimary Record
See AlsoCommunication Record, Company Record, Demographic Link Record, Document Record

The contact page holds details about the currently selected contact. It is divided into three sections.

In the top left, as well as the contact name, you can see the company that they are associated with.
There is also further information on the department they belong to, their primary role, salutation and address.
Other buttons in this area include the Contact Delete button, which will ask you to confirm who is taking over from the deleted contact, and the Contact Communication Button, which allows you to add communications that have taken place with the contact.

On the right you can see their contact information, such as a phone number and email address. As well as their job title and Language.

Further to the right you can also see their default roles for any products they're linked to e.g Main or Material Contact.

Below this you can see Demographics, Documents and Communications relating to that contact.


This tab contains a list of Alternative Email Templates that are specific to the current contact.

For example, you may have a standard Invoice Email Template but it is not suitable for this particular contact as you have a closer relationship with them and you want a different person to be copied in on the email.
In this case, you can setup an alternative Invoice Email Template that will be used when sending invoices.