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APP is an abbreviation of APPEND

The separator will only be applied if there is already something in the variable and the value is not blank.

You can use this to help create a string of values separated by commas.

NOTE: If the separator is a comma, you should wrap it in double quotes. i.e. ","

Number Name Default Type Description
1 name String The name of the variable you wish to append the value
2 value String The string value you wish to append
3 separator String The separator you want to be applied between values
4 prefix String

A prefix to place on the value if it is not empty.

Setting the prefix to an HTML tag and leaving the suffix blank, will automatically cause a closing HTML tag of the same name to be added after the value.

5 suffix String A suffix to add to the value if it is not empty
John, Mike
John, Mike, Bob
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