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This command is probably one of the most used and versatile in the language.

It is essentially used to retrieve data from an object but it can do a lot more.

It's most common use might be something like {OBJ_DATA(0, C1)} which is requesting Character Data 1 (the object title) from the current object. {OBJ_DATA(0, C2)} would therefore be requesting Character Data 2 from the current object. See this help page for the other part numbers you can use in this command.

You can also retrieve XML values. So for the tag "first_name", you would use the code {OBJ_DATA(0, first_name)}. You can aslo retreive multiple XML values at the same time using {OBJ_DATA(0, first_name last_name)}.

Number Name Default Type Description
1 query 0 String

A UDB Query pointing to the required Object.
You can also use zero to indicate the current object.

2 obj_part 1 String

The Part Number of the object you want to retrieve data from or the XML tag name of the data.

You can also apply a Modifier to change what is returned.

3 default String This is the default value to be returned if the referenced Object does not exist and you are using parts C1 or C2 or an XML field, or if the Object does exist but the XML element has not been set.
- title String Title to add to returned element
- class String The class to apply to the element
- style String A style to apply to the element
- alt String Alt text to use when rendering an image
- media_group String media group name
- media_param String Any additional parameters to pass to the Youtube iFrame. e.g. autoplay=1
See https://developers.google.com/youtube/player_parameters for a full list of parameters.
- inner_class String The class to apply to the inner element.
Only relevant if you have something like a link surrounding an image. e.g. obj_part = 432.
- inner_style String The style to apply to the inner element.
Only relevant if you have something like a link surrounding an image. e.g. obj_part = 432.
- total 0 Integer Total number
- edit_opt SMALL String

Space separated list of Edit options to pass to the input field when using +800 or +900 on the part number.


- ap1 String Additional Parameters 1 - 4 to pass to the query
- page_num 0 Integer Specifies the page number of the query result.
- page_size 0 Integer The number of records per page for the query output.
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