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Q. How can I type HTML styling instead of using the WYSIWYG Text Editor into an XML object?
A. Whilst using the Admin Area edit click on the XML Field Editor of the Data List that contains the Object ID. Then choose the XML Field that you wish to amend by clicking the edit button on the right. Scroll down on the window that opens and under the Edit Options section tick the box next to Code Edit. Save this and you should now be able to enter html styling instead of the WYSIWYG Text Editor.
Q. How do I identify an odd or even row in a loop command?

First set a Variable of {VAR(V_ODD, TRUE)} before the loop and then inside the loop add {SET(V_ODD, {NOT({V_ODD})})} before the closing end of the loop command.

Then you can use something like this {IF( {V_ODD} )} THIS ROW IS ODD{END_IF} to identify the odd rows