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Provide an input box and search button to lookup an object based on its ID, Code or Friendly Name
Number Name Default Type Description
1 list_id 0 Integer The ID of the List to search
2 part 1 Integer

The Object Part Number to use to search.
Parts 0,1, 2, 3 and 4 are valid for this method.
Part 3 will look for the value as a complete XML field value.

3 placeholder String A place holder to display in the input box.
4 case 1 Integer

Data Entry Restriction
0 = None
1 = Upper Case
2 = Lower Case
3 = Title Case
4 = Numeric

This will be forced to 4 if Part 0 is selected.

5 class String Class to apply to the form
- title Lookup Item String A title to add to the form
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