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Import Definition Object

The definition of an import process

An import is very easy in theory, however depending on what you are importing it could also be very complex.

Each column of the source data might need one or more targets, a persons name might need to be split into different parts and as such assigned to different objects or a relationships might need to be added at the same time the data is imported to make the relevant connections.

For this reason, Import Definition Objects can be created to hold all of this information and then referenced in the IMPORT_FORM command.

    Header Cells
    Relationship ID - Can be zero
    Part - Standard Object Part (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 12, 13, 15, 18 and 19 are valid) Part 0 used to indicate ID of Object to Update
    Tag  - Optional XML tag name
    Operation - Optional Operation:
        +/ : add to existing with <br />, 
        +t : add to existing with tab, 
        +n : add to existing with CRLF, 
        +c : add to existing with comma, 
        +s : add to existing with space, 
        w1 : Word 1
        w2 : Word 2
        w2o: Word 2 Onwards
        fn : First Name
        mn : Middle Name
        ln : Last Name
        *  : New Related Object, 
        #  : Clean number
        ?  : Conditional Relationship (Param 2 = id of relationship: Param 3 = True Value(Default is "Y YES T TRUE") )
        @  : Cell indicates the Object Type
        "Pre*Suf" : Pattern to apply. * in pattern is replace with content
    Relat = Array of relationship IDs and Objects [123:456,789:1011]