Organiser To-Do List

This tab displays the Organisers To-Do Page. You can place items on the list and remove them once they are completed. To-do list entries can be added in the Organiser To-Do list tab or from any one of the Communication buttons in the system.

Your to-do list can be exported to excel by clicking on the Excel icon at the bottom of the page. To-do list entries added linked to a company will display the company name in the box in the bottom left hand corner. To go straight into the company record click on the Go To Button next to this.

Add a To-Do Entry

To add a To-Do Entry, click on the New icon at the bottom of the page. In the new window, write you message. The system automatically places today’s date and a time of 00:00 on your entry. If you wish to change either of these as an additional reminder click on the appropriate box above the message field. When you have finished, click the green tick button and the item is placed on your To- Do List.

You can also add a item to your To Do List when creating a diary entry. For example, if you want to add a note to your diary to call your Mother on her birthday, you can put an note in your diary to remember your mum’s birthday and by ticking the List Entry box (above the memo field) the note will automatically be sent to your To Do List as well.

Edit a To-Do Entry

There are two ways to edit a To Do item, the first is to click on the item you want to edit and then click the edit button at the bottom of the page. The second way is to double click on the date field of the entry you wish to edit. Both actions result in the communication window appearing with your chosen item ready to edit.

Remember to click the green tick button when you finish to save your changes.

Confirm the To-Do Entries

Once you have completed one of the items on your To Do List, you will want to remove it from your list. To do this, first click on the item that you want to remove. Then clicking the Tick Bar (the long grey bar at the right of the page) removes the item from your list.

Reinstating a To Do Entry

If you accidentally remove the wrong item from you list, don’t panic, it can be retrieved. To reinstate an entry, find the COMMS tab on the right edge of your organiser. Clicking on the COMMS tab displays all the communications you have created. Find the one you wish to reinstate and double click on the COMM NUM field. This brings up the item. In the Main tab un-tick the Acknowledged box. Click the green tick button at the top of the page and you entry is now back on your To Do List. The only difference is it no longer has a tick in the New box.

Sending a To Do Entry to another User

You can also send a To Do List message to another User by changing the user code in the main tab that is set up with your own user code to another user code. The system will automatically send the message to the other user’s To Do List.


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