Organiser Users Page

This tab displays the Organiser Users Page. The data on this page is used to set the preferences for access to your Organiser data.

It is often useful to allow members of you team access to your organiser. For example, if you are on your way to a meeting with a client and need to confirm the time of the meeting, you can phone you colleague and have them look in your diary for you to get the information.

It is important to note, for security reasons, sharing you organiser allows your colleague very limited access to the information in your organiser; he or she can add or view information, but cannot delete any information, nor can they make any changes outside the organiser.

The designated user can then access your organiser, by entering your Organiser User Code on the cover of the Organiser.


Right Hand Page


The right hand page is used as a quick reference for viewing the names and phone numbers of your colleagues. This is essentially an internal telephone directory that list all employees who are registered as users of the system. The items in this list are generated by the Supervisor System and any changes to the list must be made by you System Administrator.


Left Hand Page 

Add a User Link

By clicking on this icon, you can create a list of team members that can access your Organiser. Click the New icon next to the User Diary Links grid. Enter the User Code of the person you wish to share with and click the green tick button. The User Code is the code letters you use when signing onto the system. It is important to note that this does not allow them access to the system under your sign on, it only allows them limited access to your organiser.

Edit a User Link

By clicking the Edit User Link icon, you can change the comment you made relating to the linked user. You will not be able to change the User Code, as this would be the same as adding or deleting a User Link.

Delete a User Link

Before clicking the Delete Icon you must highlight the User you wish to remove from your Link list. Click on the User you wish to delete then click the Delete icon. In most cases, you will be asked to confirm that you wish to delete the User Link. Click Yes to finish.

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