BusiPro Calculator

The BusiPro Calculator incorporates two primary calculation functions; Numeric and Date. You can switch between the two modes by clicking the Numeric and Date buttons at the top of the calculator's key pad. If necessary, resize the calculator by clicking on the edge of the calculator and dragging.

In Numeric Mode you will find all the mathematical functions you expect from calculator. But the BusiPro calculator provides many useful function not found in standard calculators.

A right-click on any numeric field in the system will open the calculator and place the value into the calculator display. You can then perform any calculations you wish using the buttons or the keyboard.

Right clicking the Off Button will place the calculator display value back into the field.

Right clicking the = button will perform the calculation and then instantly exit the calculator allowing the result to be placed into the field using the fields pop-up menu.

Holding the Mouse button down over the calculator display will reveal the contents of the Memory.

Right clicking the Decimal Point Button will round off the calculator value.

For more information see Numeric Calculator.

The BusiPro calculator also has an extensive conversion table allowing you to perform currency and measures conversions quickly and easily. For more information on performing conversions go to the Calculator Conversions help page.

Date Functions

A right-click on any date field in the system will take you into the calculator and place the date into the calculator display.

You can now perform calculations on this date:

  • Click the Tdy button to place today's date in the calculator.
  • Add days, weeks, months and years by clicking the Dy, Wk, Mt and Yr buttons.
  • To subtract days, weeks, months or years, click the minus button, the Dy, Wk, Mt or Yr buttons followed by the equals sign.
  • Click the Dt. button to enter a specific date using your keyboard or mouse. This date can also have time periods added or subtracted to it.
  • Move dates to and from memory using the STO, RCL, SUM, and EXC buttons.

For more information see Date Calculator.

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