Currency Conversions

Performing currency conversions with the BusiPro Calculator.

e.g. British Pounds to New Zealand Dollars

  • Open the Calculator by clicking its icon on the General Toolbar.
  • Enter the value 150 into the calculator.
  • Click on the X-Y conversion button on the calculator. This will open the conversion factors search window.
  • In the top left corner of the window is the Unit Grouping options list. Click on the down arrow to show the different choices for groupings. Now click on the ‘Home to Foreign Currency' option.
  • In the lower part of the Search window, select British Pounds to New Zealand Dollars (the code for his is HNZD) and click the green tick button.
  • The calculator will now display a value similar to 481.52

i.e. 150 British Pounds = 481.51 New Zealand Dollars

The currency conversion figures must be updated regularly in order for them to be accurate. Your system administrator can arrange for the most commonly used currencies to be updated regularly, the rest should be used as estimates only.

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