View & Search For Existing Records

All Master windows have Hot Area, the Hot Area has one or occasionally two fields which contain unique information to identify the record.

It is important to note that while you are in the hot area you are not actually in the record.

This means that you cannot make any changes. For this reason, the Tick and Cross Buttons are disabled (they are shadowed and you can not activate them) while the curser is in the How Area.

While still in the Hot Area, you can view records using the Navigation Toolbar at the top of the screen. Using the different icons on the toolbar, you can:

  • move through the records using the Direction Buttons. This can also be done using the Page Up and Down Keys.
  • locate a record by typing the first few characters into the Hot Area and clicking the Next or Previous buttons on the Toolbar. Again, using the Page Up and Page Down keys achieves the same result.
  • search to locate an existing record by clicking the Search icon. Pressing the F11 key will take you to the same search page, as will right clicking the Mouse when it is in the field and choosing search from the Drop Down Menu.