Editing Records

To Edit a record:

  • Locate the Record using the Navigation Toolbar. Remember, your cursor must be in the Hot Area for these controls to be available. Or Search by right clicking the mouse and choosing search from the pop-up menu.
  • Once you have found the record Click on the Edit Button on the Navigation Toolbar. Then use the Tab Key or the Mouse to move through the fields of the Master Window.

You can also enter and edit a record by using your mouse. By clicking directly into the field you wish to edit, you enter the record.

  • Once you have made your changes, click the Tick Button to update the record. Remember, clicking the Tick Button, you are changing the actual record, and these changes may affect other aspects of the system. Right clicking the Tick Button will update the record and close the Master Window at the same time.

To abandon the changes (all the changes) click the Cross Button. In most cases, a message window will pop up to confirm that you wish to abandon the changes. Click yes to proceed Right clicking on the Cross Button will abandon the changes and close the window at the same time.