Companies Screen


Use this Master Window to view or enter information about any Company you wish to hold on the system.



The top half of the window is where the primary information about the company is held. Below is a description of the different fields found on this part of the window.

In the top left corner of the window is the Company Code field. Each company in the system is given a unique eight character identifier. The system will not accept duplication of this code and will tell you if you try to add a company name that already exists.

To view an existing company record, you can open the Search window and choose one of the companies from the list.

Your system may be set up in one of three ways:
  • Manual
You must enter all of the 8 characters before moving onto another field or hitting the New Button on the Navigation Toolbar (rarely used).
  • Semi-automatic
You must enter the first four characters of the Company Name and then click the New Button on the Navigation Toolbar. The system will then create the next four numbers automatically.
  • Automatic
Click the New Button on the Navigation Toolbar. The system will fill in all 8 characters of the field (most common).

If you are unsure which of these is in place in your system, contact your system administrator.


To the right of the Company Code field is the Post Code Field. This field holds a maximum of 10 characters in any combination of letters and/or numbers.

When you leave the post code field (while entering a new record) the system will check to see if any other companies already exist on the system with that post code. If they do then a Search Window will pop up with those companies listed. If you wish to use one of these companies then click the Tick Button otherwise click the Cross Button and carry on entering the details.

For a UK postcode, BusiPro will automatically enter the county and country based on the postcode you have entered.


The next field to the right is the Company Name field. This field allows you to enter a company name up to 50 character in length. Enter the Companies Official Name as it would appear on their letter head.

BusiPro has a separate Company Names Tab for adding Trading Names, Subsidiary names, etc.


Below the Company Name field are four fields (each 40 characters long) for entering a Company Address. There are no restrictions on how you enter the text although you should try to place the Town on the last line and save the County and Country Codes for the next two fields. The Post Code need not be entered in these fields as it has already been entered in the Post Code field.


This is where you enter the unique County Code for your new company or contact. The system uses the standard abbreviations for counties within the United kingdom. The system holds information on over 1000 around the world. Once you have entered the county code, the system automatically enters the appropriate country code.

If your county code is not recognised, you will get a message telling you that the code was not recognised. If you are unsure of the exact county code you can use the Search Window to locate it. If the county you require is not there, you can set up a new county in the marketing database, see Adding Additional Counties.


This is where you enter the unique Country Code. The system holds over 250 country codes and will automatically enter the country code that corresponds to the county you entered in the previous field.

If you are unsure of the exact country code you can use the Search Window to locate it.

The country code can be changed independently of the county code. So if you have a client in Surrey, Australia, you can override the automatic feature and change the country code from UK to AUST. If the country you require is not there, you can add it to the system, see Adding Additional Countries.


To the right of the Address fields are the fields for entering the company's Telecommunication Details. It is recommended that you enter the full telephone number including Area Codes for the following:

Telephone Number - Main company reception

Fax Number - Main company fax machine

Email - Company Email Address

Internet Web Address - The Web Address of the Companies Home Page. Pressing the Internet Explorer button next to the web address will open your internet browser to that page. If no web address is entered, BusiPro will in some cases make a best guess of the web address from the email address.


Below the web address field there are 4 tick boxes for Data Protection, moving the mouse arrow over each one will bring up a description box. There is one each for tel number, fax number, email address and company address. For more information see Data Protection.


Below the Company Code field is the Company Attribute Summary Grid. This area displays a brief description of the company's attributes.

You can add or remove attributes from the Company using the Company Attribute tab in the lower half of the Companies window.

The Attributes filter allows you to find out how many companies have a certain attribute type and/or attribute code. Once the attribute codes have been entered, hitting the Qty button will bring up a pop-up box with the amount of companies who have that attribute. You can then scroll through these companies using the Navigation Direction Buttons. Clicking on the Product Code button will refine your search to the event/publication you are currently in as denoted above the menu bar. To clear that search and use the whole database, click the product class button again, or to use another event/publication, click the Product Class button on the top general toolbar and select another event/publication.

Below the Attribute summary are tick boxes which show the role of the company, whether a sales contract or agent company etc. These boxes can be ticked or changed here, moving the mouse over will bring up a description of each box but can also be added in the Details tab.


Above the Post Code field there is an Expand button; clicking on it will display the Company Profile Field. The Company Profile is made up of a set of pre-defined qualities that should be attributed to a company, largely to do with financial terms and conditions. The Profile Code you choose will automatically set a number of company fields and attributes. For more information on Company Profiles, go to Company Profiles. Most systems are set to have a customer profile default when a new company record is added.


BusiPro has the ability to store multiple addresses for a single company. So, if, for example, a companies head office address is different from its produces delivery address or the invoicing address you can note all the addresses here in the same Companies window.

This grid will display a list of all the addresses for the company, indicated by the address type code. To view a one of the additional addresses click on it. The address fields will change automatically. For information on adding a new address go to the Adding Additional Company Addresses help page.


Prints Company details report to screen, printer or Excel.  For more information see Printing Company Reports


Clicking this button will send the to a blank Word document the Company address, telephone number, fax number and whichever contact is highlighted in the contacts tab. Right clicking on this button will send these details to the clipboard to enable you to paste into other applications.

In the bottom half of the window there are Page tabs. Each tab holds different information about the Company :

Tab 1 - Contacts

Tab 2 - Attributes

Tab 3 - Names

Tab 4 - Details

Tab 5 - Accounting

Tab 6 - Order/Stock for events or Orders/Stock for publication advertisements

Tab 7 - Communications