Adding a New Company

To add a new company to the database 

  • Go to Marketing Database > Companies in the main menu bar.
  • In the hot area, enter a unique code for the company. Your system may be set up in one of three ways
  • Enter the postcode. For a UK postcode, BusiPro will automatically enter the county and country based on this postcode.
  • Enter the official company name, BusiPro has a separate Company Names Tab for adding trading, subsidiary names etc.
  • Enter the company address and communication details. In the county and country fields, enter or Search for the appropriate code.
  • Additional addresses may be added for invoice address etc, for more information see Adding Additional Company Addresses.
  • Click on the green tick button to save.

There are seven tabbed pages in the Companies Screen which hold different information about the company. Use the links below to view details on these pages.

Orders/Stock for events
Orders/Stock for publication advertising