Linking Co. Names to an Additional Address

If a company has more than one address, such as a different invoicing address or branch office, that office may trade under a different name. BusiPro allows you to add additional addresses to the company record and then assign different names to those addresses. This is important to make sure that correspondence intended for that company is sent to the right address and the right name.

Please note that the additional company names need to be set up before you can link an address to them.  See Additional Company Names

Note also that the additional company addresses need to be set up before you can link the company names to them!  See Additional Company Addresses

Once both the additional company names and the additional company addresses are set up, the final task is to link one to another correctly.

  • In the Names tab all the different company names already set up for this record will be listed, look at the Name code of the one you require, for example 0001. For more information see Additional Company Names.
  • In the top half of the companies screen click on the additional address in the grid you wish to link to another name.
  • Change the 0000 in the field below the Company name on the right hand side to the same Name code of the additional name.

  • Click on the green tick button to save changes.

Now when you click on the additional address, moving the mouse over the name code field will show the Name you have linked to this address ( the Company Name field does not change and will still say the main company name).

If you wish to add a specific contact to the additional company address, please see Linking a contact to an additional company address