Companies Orders/Stock Tab - Events

The Orders/Stock tab is separated out into three other tabs with the following information:

1. Contracts

The Contract tab is contains a grid that displays all the contracts that are held against the company in chronological order. The contracts can be filtered to show only outstanding contracts by clicking on the Outstanding tick box. Double clicking on a Contract Number or clicking on the contract line and hitting the Edit Button will open the Contracts window and display the full details of the contract that was placed. See more information on Contracts Screen Overview. If you cannot see a contract line you are expecting, use the scroll bar to move to the top of the grid.

2. Stock Groups

This tab allows you to set up discounts for Item Groups for an individual company.  The discounts you set up are dependent on how many items are taken. For example, you may say that if two items are taken then a discount of 10% is applied, and if three are taken then a discount of 15% is applied etc. Discounts entered here will be applied to all contracts this company places that contain this Item Group.

  • Click on the New Button button to the left hand side of the grid.
  • Enter or Search for the Item Group code and tick the green tick button.
  • Enter the minimum quantity number and the percentage discount.
  • Click on the Done button button to return to the previous screen.
  • Remember to save any changes.

The Item Groups themselves can also have their own minimum quantity discount structure applied rather than just by individual company, for more information see Item Groups.

3. Service Details

This will display event order details related to this company. To choose the event you are currently working in, click on the Product Class (Cls) button or search in the Event Code field and click Refresh. The grid will display contract lines and details related to this event/conference.