Companies Communications Tab

The Communications tab lists all the communications made against that company. The communications can be filtered by either or a combination of these 2 ways,

  • the Drop Down Menu lists all different types of communications that can be made, select one and the grid will display only communications of that type
  • Enter an Event/Publication code in the field and the grid will display only communications related to that code. Clicking on the product class button will automatically enter the event/publication code you are currently working in as denoted at the very top of your screen next to your user initials.

The grid contains the following information :

Comm. Number

Each communication is given an unique reference number by the system when it is created.


If the communication was made against a particular contact within a company, the contact code will be displayed here, also below the grid a box will display the name of the contact alongside another Communication button to create another communication for that contact if required.

Comm. Type

The type of communication, i.e. phone call, email or letter etc.


The date the communication was created.


The subject matter of the communication. If the whole of the message cannot be viewed, position the mouse over the left hand side grey grid line until the arrow becomes a cross and drag the line down, or double click on the Comm. Number to go into the communication window itself.


The response that the communication got, e.g. a phone call could be logged with a good or bad response. For more information on responses, see Communication Responses.


The user code of the creator of the communication.