Questionnaires are a quick and easy way to add contact and company attributes because they allow for many attributes to be added to a record at the same time.  They do this by presenting the user with a user-defined form of tick-boxes to fill in.  The only questions on the form are those you have specified on the questionnaire set-up.  You can have many questionnaires ready for different purposes and use them time and time again.

For Questionnaires to function properly we will first look at setting up attributes in the system, then setting up a questionnaire and then adding attributes using questionnaires.  You may find that all the attributes you require are already set up and working in your system, in which case, go straight to section 2.

1. Adding Attributes for Questionnaires

The attributes may already be entered into the system, the following describes adding new attributes and what is required for the attributes to be properly linked to events/publications.

  • Go to Parameters & Lists > Marketing > Company Attributes in the main menu bar.
  • Type in a new code (the attribute type) in the hot area, for example R for Contact's Role and hit return, say yes to Add New Attribute.
  • Add a description and then tick the Link tick box which is the top tick box at the end of the description. This is required if the event/publication code also needs to be assigned to the attribute. If the attribute is to be non-specific to the event/publication, leave this out.
  • There is an exclusive tick box next to the description field, check this if the attribute type you have set up is exclusive, i.e. there cannot be more than one of this type, such as company size.
  • Underneath tick what the Attribute relates to, more than one can be ticked.
  • Click on the New Button button to the left hand side of the grid to add Attribute Codes to this Attribute Type.
  • Enter a New code for the attribute and click on the green tick button.
  • Enter a description of the attribute. The Comment check box can be ticked if another field is required under this attribute for people to add their own comments, for example an 'Other' attribute could require further definition.
  • Reference and description lines can be used as prompt questions or additional information. When an attribute is added, any references added here will be shown in the comment box of the attribute and can be used for example to justify why a company has been assigned an attribute. The references and description can be typed straight in.
  • Click on the Done button button.
  • Click the green tick button to save.

2. Setting up a Questionnaire

  • Go to Parameters & Lists > Marketing > Questionnaires in the main menu bar.
  • Type in new code for the questionnaire e.g. CONTACT and hit return, say yes to Add New Questionnaire?
  • Enter a description of the questionnaire.
  • Enter or search for the Attribute Type Codes you wish to be on the Questionnaire.
  • Click on the green tick button to save.

3. Adding Attributes using Questionnaires

  • In the Company Record, click once on the contact you wish to add the attribute to.
  • Click on the Questionnaire button and choose a questionnaire from the list.

  • The Questionnaire is linked to the contact in which the button was pressed and the event/publication (product code) you are currently working in. To change the product code so that any attributes set up to be linked to a specific code are in the correct one, click on the product code button on the top toolbar to bring up a list of events/publications that have been set up, choose the appropriate one and click on the questionnaire button again.

Multiple Attributes Subsections and 'Drill Down' Questionnaires

In cases where there are potentially too many attributes codes to be listed easily or there are many subsections to an attribute code, attribute codes can be set up using a main heading and then multiple codes seperated by a colon, for example in the Attribute Type PC (product code) the attribute code BOOKS could be the main category and BOOKS:001, BOOKS:002 etc set up to represent different subcategories of books. This can go even further if required to BOOKS:001:01 to represent a further subcategory.

When the Attribute Type is added to the Questionnaire as described above, the system will list the headings, and any that have subsections attached will have a + next to them to expand the subcategory list.