Editing Contact Details

To Edit a Contact's Details

  • Go to Marketing Database > Companies in the top Menu Bar.
  • Search for the company in the Company Code field and hit return to go into the company record, or change the search option to surname search.
  • Go to the first tab Contacts.
  • The contacts cannot be edited in the lines in the Contact tab grid, to edit you have to go into the contact details.
  • In the Contacts tab, select the contact by clicking on the contact line so that the black arrow is pointing to it click on the Edit Button on the left hand side of the grid, or double click on the Contact Code, both methods will take you into the contact details.
  • Change any details as appropriate.
  • Clicking on the Done button will take you back to the Contacts tab previous window.
  • Remember to save any changes you have made by clicking on the Tick Button.