Attributes are used in the BusiPro system to provide descriptive information, classify records and group records together for reporting and mail shotting.

Attributes can be used to represent any physical or non-physical piece of information. Attributes can be added to :

  • Companies
  • Contacts
  • Communications
  • Contracts/Orders
  • Items
  • Employees

Attributes are made of two codes, the Attribute Type is a one or two letter code to represent the group of Attributes you are creating, and the Attributes Code represents a specific characteristic within this. The Attribute code does not have to describe in full as a description field is given for this.


The Attribute Type CS could be set up to represent Company Size.

Attribute Type Attribute Code Description
CS A 1-10
  B 11-50
  C 51-100
  D 100+

The Attribute Type R could be set up to represent the contact's Role in the company

Attribute Type Attribute Code Description
R DESIGN Designer
  PROD Product Manager
  COPY Copy Manager
  FIN Financial Director

The Attribute PR could be set up to represent a prospect's level of interest

Attribute Type Attribute Code
PR Cold

Attributes are represented by the Attribute Type : Attribute Code, e.g. R:COPY.

Attributes can either be set up to be specific to an Event/Publication or general such as in the case of company size. There is no limit for the setting up of Attributes.


Adding Additional Attributes to the System