Transfer/Copy Attributes btwn Events/Pubs

Transfer or copy company/contact attribute links that have been assigned to one event/publication (product) to another product e.g. all companies that have the attribute TEST for Expo2012 can be transferred over to Expo2013. For this to apply, the attributes must already have been linked to a specific product when they were entered. For the attribute code to be linked to the product code, it must have been entered when the attribute is added or, if the Link box was ticked (or previously a # added after the description) in the Attribute set up then the event/publication code will automatically be entered, (for more information see Adding Attributes).

You must ensure that the attributes have been linked to the correct Event/Publication code in the first place for you to successfully transfer or copy them to another Event/Publication code.

  • Go to Parameters & Lists > Marketing Database > Company Attributes in the main menu bar.

  • Enter or search for the Attribute Type code in the Type field box and click on the attribute you wish to transfer.
  • Click on the Product code button on the top toolbar and choose the product code you are transferring from.
  • Click on the Transfer or Copy To button. The code column will turn green.
  • Click again on the Product code button and choose another product you are transferring/copying to. A message box will pop up tell you the code you are transferring from and to.
  • Click on Yes to accept the change.

You can run a statistical analysis of the Attribute Codes within a Attribute Type by searching for the Attribute type and then clicking on the Excel button at the bottom of the window. This will give you a list of the quantity of each attribute code in the system.

If changes are made to the Attribute database, when the Attribute Types window is closed down the system will run an Attribute Policeman program to check the system, this may take a few minutes. This can also be done by clicking on the Policeman button .