Contact Attribute Links Filter

If you have a company with a large number of different contacts, it can be useful to see which of those contacts have a particular attribute.  This is where the 'contact attribute links filter' can help because it shows quickly and easily which of the contacts  have the attributes you are looking for, or which are related to a specifical event/publication.

(To set up contact attributes, please see the Contact Attributes help page.)

  • In the Contacts tab of the Companies Screen, the contact attribute filter is located at the bottom of the screen and looks like this:

  • In the first field, enter or search for the attribute type, the second the attribute code and if required the event/publication code.
  • Click on the Addrs button, the contacts at the current address shown with the attribute selected will be highlighted in green.
  • Clicking on the product class button will default to the event/publication you are currently working in.