Order Other Page - Publications

This page contains four tabbed pages, each of these pages are detailed below.

1. Employee Links

The Employee Links page is where you can view or add members of your own company who are responsible for this contract and allocate commission. Any employees who have been linked to the company in the Employee Links section of the Names tab in the Company Record will already be listed here. You can edit, delete or add other employees related to this specific contract here.

To Add an Employee to an Order

  • Click on the New Button.
  • Enter or Search for the user code of the employee and click on the green tick button.

This page includes the following fields :


This is where you enter a comment for the employee code you are linking.

Employee Role

This is where you select the role the employee has within your company.

e.g. S = Salesman

If the role you require is not there see Adding and Deleting Employee Roles.

Commission Percentage

Enter the percentage commission the employee is to receive. If the employee has already been linked in the company record, the percentage will be displayed here although this can be changed to reflect the specific order if necessary.

Commission Allocation

Commission allocation can be used if, for example, there is to be 30% commission paid on a contract between 3 employees, you can allocate a percentage of that commission to each employee. Enter 30 in commission percentage field and an allocation percentage for each of the employees which must add up to a 100, for example employee 1 could get 60% of this commission total, employee 2 could get 30% and employee 3 10%.

Commission Paid Net

Click this check box if the commission is to be paid net.

2. Order Names

In this tab you can link additional company names such as trading names to an order. Only names previously set up in the Names tab of the company record will be available for linking. See Linking Additional Company Names to an Order.

3. History

This tab shows a record of all the contracts this company has placed under this Publication Code, the date the contract was placed, the status, the number of units, the goods value and the Items placed on the order.

4. Attributes

The Attributes tab allows you to display brief description information relating to a contract.You can add or remove attributes from the order using this tab. Order attributes can describe any aspect of a order that might be useful when dealing with them or for grouping orders together.

All Attributes are made up of two parts, The Attribute Type and the Attribute Code. The Attribute Type is a one or two letter code to represent the group of Attributes you are creating. For more information see Attributes.