Adding a Diary Entry from a Communication

Adding a communication from anywhere in the system gives you the opportunity to add the communication to your diary.

Clicking on any of the Communication buttons brings up the communication window however where the button was activated the system will enter some of the information by default. Clicking on the button in Companies screen will automatically link the Communication to the company record. Clicking on the button in the Contact tab of the Companies screen will automatically link the Communication to the company and contact and so on. The Communication button on the top general toolbar is not linked to any records and can be used for general diary entries.

In the Communication Window :

  • You can change the Comm. Type to reflect the type of communication, enter or Search for the Type code.
  • In the Communication window, click on the diary entry tick box.
  • From and To fields now appear, you can enter the dates and times of the diary entry. To the right of these fields there is a tick box if the entry is to be an all day event. Ticking this box will automatically change the times to 00.00 to 24.00.
  • Enter the communication you wish to add to your diary in the comment box.
  • Click on the green tick button to save.
  • You can now view or edit your entry by going to the Organiser Diary. If you have linked the Communication to a company or contact, the name will be displayed in the bottom field of the diary.
  • You can add the Communication to your To-Do list as well by clicking on the To-Do list entry tick box.

Information on Responses, Links and Attributes tabs of the Communication window can be found in the Communication Overview page.

The system will also update your Outlook diary if this has been previously set up. For more information contact your system administrator.