Merging Troubleshooting

If what you are expecting when merging with a communication document does not happen then this could be due to one of the following reasons :

  • Clicking on the Word Icon brings up "No Document Available".

    • Check you are in the event/publication (product) code the communication document was set up under. The product code you are currently working in is denoted at the very top of your screen next to your user login initials. If for example you have set up a standard letter for event A and you are currently working in event B, when you click on the Word button, the letters you have set up with event A code will not be shown. To change to the required event/publication, click on the button and choose the relevant product code.
    • You are not attempting to merge to a document set up under a different type. Communication documents are set up under different types depending on the information required, e.g. company correspondence (1) or transaction based (4). Clicking the Word icon in the order/contract screen will not show documents set up for company correspondence.
  • No contact and address details are printed on contracts.

    • Contracts are set up in code 3 of the Communication Documents window (found in Parameters & Lists > General). In the grid double click at the beginning of the line containing the document to view the document details. Check that one of the company role tick boxes in the bottom right hand corner has been ticked. This is needed to specify who the contract is going to.
  • No Address details are printed on merged letters from the Attribute Report.

    • Check that you have ticked the Address Info box before you have built the list.
  • The Communication Document does not fit properly on your headed paper.

    • Go to Parameters & Lists > General > Communication Documents. Find and double click on the document line in the grid to view the details. Click on the Word icon, this will open the document (the path is shown in the field next to this). With the document open, change the document and print out until you are happy with the result. Save the document and click on the green tick button.
  • A communication is not added in the Communication tab of the record

    • Go to Parameters & Lists > General > Communication Documents. Find and double click on the document line in the grid to view the details. Click on the Communication tick box and add a Comm. Type and other details if required. The communication will then be added to records this document is used for.
  • The wrong company details are printed out on the letter. e.g. should be agent company details not main company.

    • Check in the communication document set up window that in the case of Contract based documents, the correct company role box has been ticked to select which company is to receive the letter.
    • Check that the company record/contract screen has the relevant company linked correctly.
    • If using a report to merge from, check the correct role company has been ticked in the report window.