Changing the Bounce Back Email Address

If you are using the email plug-in (if you are unsure ask your systems administrator) you can specify a different bounce back email address than your own return email address. Or your systems administrator can set up a default bounce back address for all emails sent from BusiPro.

Note - If the option has been set up in the Supervisor System by your systems administrator for a default bounce back email address for all users, you will not have the extra email field in your own Organiser.

Make sure you have an up-to-date version of BusiPro from the web, see you systems administrator or see Downloading the Latest Version of BusiPro.

  • Go to the BusiPro Organiser > Options Tab.

On the right hand side there are now two fields for email addresses.

The Return field will contain your own email address. This is the address emails will go to when someone replies to an email you have sent.

In the From field, enter an email address you would like all bounced back emails to go to.

Hit the GET button, the validation code will be emailed to that (bounce back) address.

Enter the validation code in the field provided.

(If no validation code is entered, the bounce back emails will be sent to the Return address).

Dealing with Email Responses