Adding Additional Job Positions/Job Weighting

Use this window to set up new job positions for your contacts if not already available in the system and to add weight to positions. When attributes are added by Questionnaires, if several people in the same company are asked the same question to add an attribute to the company record, if the answers they give are different, then the answer of the contact with the highest question weight will be taken.

  • Go to Parameters & Lists > Marketing Database > Contact Job Position in the main menu bar.
  • To view existing job position codes, enter or Search in the Hot Area and hit return.
  • To set up a new job positions code, enter a code in the hot area of up to four characters.
  • Hit return and click on Yes to Add New Job Position?
  • Enter a description of the job position.
  • A question weight can be assigned to the job position code, the higher the weight number the 'more important' the job position.
  • Click on the green tick button to save.