Sequential Number Systems

Sequential number systems can be used to start a numbering system from a specific number (or letter/number combination).

These numbering systems occur in all areas of BusiPro and can be made specific for an event/publication, for example:

  • Order/Contract numbers
  • Invoice numbers
  • Badge numbers
  • Ad reference numbers

Setting up a Sequential Number System

  • Go to Parameter & Lists > General > Sequential Numbers.
  • Type in a sequence code of up to 8 characters and either hit the New Button on the Navigation Toolbar, or hit return and click yes to Add New Sequence?.
  • Add a description of the sequence in the comment field.
  • You will see a new line 'A' in the grid,click on the Edit Button.
  • In the Number field, type in the number you would like the sequence to start from (this can be a combination of letter and numbers) e.g. "T-10001".
  • Click on the done button to take you back to the previous screen.
  • If all details are correct, save by clicking the green tick button.
  • To delete a number sequence, click on the number line and click the Delete Button.

Viewing existing number sequences

Type A - the next number that will be used in this sequence.
Type B - numbers that can be re-used by the system as for example in the case of cancelled contracts/orders.
Type Z - numbers currently in use that may be returned to the stack if the user abandons the new record.