You can add Sections and subsections of publications into the system which can then be added to items or order lines providing they have first been entered as valid sections in Publication Set Up

  • Go to Orders & Items > Sections in the main menu bar.
    In the Hot Area, enter a code for the section and hit return, say Yes to Add New Section?
  • Enter the name of the Section. Examples might be 'Directory', or 'First half of publication', or 'For Sale section'.
  • In the1. Main tab,click on the Publication tick box on the right hand side.
  • In the2. Sub Sections tab you can add subsections.
    • Click on the New Button
    • Enter a code for the subsection and click on the green tick button.
    • Enter a name or description of the subsection Click on the Done button to return you to the previous screen.  Examples of subsections might be in a 'Directory' section  in a publication for IT purchasers might be 'hardware sales' or 'off-the-shelf software' or 'software developers'
  • Save by clicking on the green tick button.