Items Other Page - Events

The third page on the Item window is called Other and contains additional details about the Item. There are three tabbed pages in this window.

1. Languages & Discounts

Item Languages

If the item you are setting up is to be sold in other countries , you can enter the foreign translations of this item name which will be automatically entered on to the order confirmation and invoice if the Company is setup for that language.

  • Click on the New Button.
  • Enter or search for the language code, if the code you require is not listed see, Adding Languages.
  • Enter a description of the Item in the chosen language.
  • Click on the Done button button to return to the previous screen.
  • Click on the green tick button to save.


You can set up alternative discounts for this item, information on setting up Item discounts can be found on the Item Discounts help page. In some situations, the normal Item discount would not apply, for example discount code A is a 20% discount, the Item you are creating is a low-cost item where you would not want a 20% discount to be applied, clicking on the New button allows you to enter or search for a discount code and enter a new value of e.g. 5% for discount A code when it is applied to this Item.

2. Stock Prices

If an item is to be sold in multiple currencies e.g. you may wish to sell a ticket in Euros or Swiss Francs, this can be accomodated in the Stock prices tab.

  • Click on the New Button to the left hand side of the grid.
  • Enter the date the pricing comes into effect and click on the green tick button.
  • Tick the Sales Adjustment box.
  • In the Sell Currency field, enter or Search for the alternative currency the item is to be sold in. If the currency is not listed, see Adding & Deleting Currencies.
  • Enter the price of the item in the Final Value field (the other final value fields will correspond the value fields set up on Main tab of the items screen, e.g. they may have been set up to reflect prices of different quantities of the item, this will not be the same in all items and may not be shown at all if not previously set up).
  • Click on the green tick button to save any changes.

When the Item is added to the contract/order line, if the contract/order is in the same currency as the alternative item rate, this rate will be selected.

3. Attributes

This grid contains a list of the all the attributes that have been assigned to this Item.

To Add an Attribute to an Item

  • Click on the New Button above the grid.
  • Enter or Search for the Attribute Type, Attribute Code and if specific, the Event/Publication code and click on the green tick button.
  • Enter a comment in the field if applicable.
  • Click on the Done button, the attribute will be added to the list.
  • To edit an attribute, click on the attribute line and click on the Edit Button .
  • To delete an attribute, click on the attribute line and click on the Delete Button.