Contract Status

This window allows you to set the default settings for a number of fields relating to the processing status of a contract, for example you could have a status for Enquiries and and one for a Confirmed contract, each status would have a different effect on the processing of the contract.

To set up a New Contract Status

  • Go to Contracts & Items > Contract Status in the main menu bar.
  • Enter a code of up to 2 characters in the Hot Area code field (you can enter or Search for an existing code if you would like to view or edit)
  • Hit return and say yes to Add New Status?
  • Enter a description of the status.
  • The rest of the fields are described below and may be used as applicable to the status.

Product Tick Boxes

Tick the box for whether the status is to be used in a show, publications, conference or other. More than one box can be ticked. Whatever box has been ticked will dictate where the status can be used when setting up or processing contracts.

Sub Status Code

Use this field to enter or Search for, the Sub Status Code you wish to set as the default for the selected contract status, i.e. when a contract is set up under this status, the sub status code will automatically be added.

The Sub Status is an additional marker that can be used as a special reference on an contract. For example, you can use a Sub Status to log enquiries. Using the Sub Status Code allows you to indicate the interest level of the client. The Sub Status marker can then be removed to turn the enquiry into an order if the client decides to go through with the contract. For more information see Contract Sub Status.

Contract Level

This is where you enter the contract level you wish contracts of this status to use as default. The contract level allows you to allocate a scale from zero to seven to track the status of the contract. The higher up the scale, the more 'important' the status, for example it is an invoiceable status rather than an enquiry status. In reports the system will list stati from the highest to the lowest.

Active Lines

Tick this box if you wish to allow active lines in this contract status. When this box is ticked you will be able to process this contract line within the system. Only active lines can be acted upon by the system. For example, only active lines can have an invoice created against them. If this box is not ticked, the Item on this contract line is essentially on hold.

Cancelled Lines

Tick this box if you wish to allow cancelled lines in this Contract status. When this box is ticked, all contract number and price values will be set to zero to indicate that the contract has been cancelled. However, the Active line tick box will still affect the contract line. Therefore, if you wish to create a credit note for this line of the contract, you must also have the Active Line box ticked.

Invoiceable Lines

Use this tick box to set the contract status as invoiceable, for example an enquiry level status set up without this tick box can be changed to a status with this invoiceable lines box ticked to indicate that it is now a confirmed contract that needs to be invoiced.

Contra Deal

Tick this box if all the contracts placed under this status are to be contra deals.

Invoice Suppression

Check this box to enable Invoice Suppression for the selected contract status.

Credit Suppression

Check this box to enable Credit Suppression for the selected contract status.