Cancelling a Contract Line - Conferences

In some instances you may wish to cancel a confirmed contract line, without cancelling the whole contract, for example a contract has three contract lines, one for a stand, one for insurance and one for a web fee, the web fee needs to be cancelled but not the other two.

Find the contract containing the line by searching in the hot area of the Contract screen.

Double click on the contract line number to go into the contract line details. Click on the Cancelled Line tick box.

This will automatically untick the Auto Line box and tick the Manual Line box as you are removing that line from the main status of the order.

If you click on the Done button, you will see the cancelled line is in pink, the status of the contract has not changed and the other lines are not cancelled.

Unticking the Active Line box in the contract line details will take it out of any further processing, e.g. if you did not want a credit note produced if the line had been invoiced and then cancelled.