Contract Companies Page - Confs

This page contains a grid to hold details on the companies that are associated or have been linked to the company. The grid will automatically contain the details of the company which has placed the contract and their details can be viewed by double clicking on the Company Code. Any company that has been linked to this company in the Company Details tab of the Company Record, for example Invoice or Agent companies will be listed here also. The grid also contains check boxes indicating the company's role.

New companies that may be associated with this contract can also be entered here. To add an additional company to the contract

  • Click on the New Button to the left hand side of the grid.
  • Enter or search for the company code and the contact code and click on the green tick button.

The name and address of the company are automatically entered from the company code. The main company address is entered as default however this can be changed by changing or searching for the address code in the address code field.

There are communication buttons next to the company code and contact code to create a communication or email this company or contact. For more information see Communications Overview.

Tick the box for the company's role in this contract.

Main Company

The main company tick box cannot be selected as the main company is the company with which the contract has already been placed and cannot be assigned to additional companies.

Agent Company

Tick this check box if the company added is an agent company. For the agent company to be invoiced, the Invoice Company check box must be ticked as well.

Invoice Company

Tick this check box if the company added is an invoice company.The invoice address will be shown, this can be changed by searching for the address code. Ticking this box brings up the following additional boxes and fields.


Enter the percentage of the contract total this company will pay. The percentage must be taken off the other company(s) total. For example, if an additional invoice company who is paying 10% is added to this contract, the main company percentage must be changed to 90%.

Cash Received

This box is checked if the cash for the invoice has been received.


This box will be checked if the company has been invoiced.

Single Invoice

Check this box if a single invoice is required.

Non-Paying Sharer

Check this box if the company is a non-paying sharer on a stand.

Role 5 - 8

Roles 5 to 8 may be customised for your own use. For more information see the Supervisor Help System.

Their Reference

Enter the purchase order or reference this company has given you in relation to this contract.