Contract/Order Troubleshooting - Publications

Some commonly asked questions.

  • The Go To Contract/Order (blue arrow) button on the company record does not work when pressed.
    • Check that the company has not been ticked a purchase ledger company. Purchase ledger companies cannot have sales contracts raised against them. Go to the Accounting tab > Main on the company record and check the tick boxes.
  • You cannot enter a value for an item in the contract/order line.
    • If an item has been set up with no value, a value can be entered when the item is added to the contract/order line. If you cannot edit the initial value box, open up the pricing window by clicking on the the Expand button next to the VAT code. Change the Item Price Number code to 9 (other). A value can now be entered in the Initial Item Value field to the right of the code field.
  • You cannot change the VAT country in the Payment Terms tab.
    • You must have sufficient accounting rights to do so. Check with your systems administrator.
  • Changing the status of the contract/order to cancelled does not cancel the contract/order lines.
    • Enter the contract/order line details by clicking on the line and clicking on the edit button (or double clicking on the number). Check that the line has not be ticked Manual, this will exclude the line from following the status of the main contract/order. If the status of the order is cancelled, changing the line to Auto will cancel the line.
  • You create a contract/order or start to add a line but then make a mistake or do not wish to continue.
    • If you have created a contract/order and then wish to delete it. Click on the hot area (so the field goes orange) and then click on the delete button in the top navigational toolbar. The system will ask if you wish to delete the contract/order. Contracts can only be deleted if they have no transactions against them. If you start to add a contract/order line, right clicking on the Done button will abandon adding this line. A new line can be added or the contract/order deleted. The option is there to reuse the contract/order number.